G-O to Blanket BINGO

Head to Market Square Park in  downtown Houston for a fun twist on your grandparent’s favorite past time, BINGO! AND it’s  a super fun date idea, I might add. Market Square Park

Bring your blanket (it is called BLANKET Bingo) and a picnic dinner. You can also order dinner from Niko Niko’s located at the park and grab a spot at a table if picnicking is too “naturey” for your city self!  For ten dollars you can purchase bingo cards (approx 9 games) to try your luck at winning some fun prizes including, cash money, hotel stays, and items donated by local businesses including a private pontoon boat ride down Buffalo Bayou for 21 of your favorite people!

Blanket Bingo Blanket Bingo

The next Blanket Bingo is on June 19th from 6-9pm. I highly reccommend getting to Market Square Park (Travis at Congress Ave.) a good thirty minutes B4 bingo starts at 7 to guarentee you get a bingo card. They do sell out. There’s a DJ from 6-7 so you can listen to some great tunes as you claim your spot and pick up your bingo cards!

For an added layer of fun dress to the theme! June 19th’s theme is Margaritaville Summer Bash and Niko Niko’s will be whipping up some Margs to celebrate!  

Blanket Bingo Schedule


Let’s GO!

Outline The Sky: Houston, Rep Your City

Outline The Sky  is a Dallas company that I’ve been stalking via social media for months and I’m so excited they have recently branched out to offer a Houston line of their casual, cool products.

Outline the Sky


I’m a big fan of their tank. It’s way soft, lightweight and perfect for the gym or being active outdoors.

Outline the Sky Tank

For those of you Houston proud like I am- it’s perfect for reppin your city!! Outline The Sky Apparel  would make excellent grad gifts too!

Use GOHEREDOTHIS at check out to score 10% off your purchase!!

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Go Here Do This Talks Travel on Great Day Houston

It’s always a blast getting to share my favorite vacation spots on Great Day Houston Talk Show with Deborah Duncan! This time I highlighted destinations in the categories of SUN, SLOPES, and SURF! In case you don’t live in Houston or missed my latest travel segment on Great Day Houston here you go…


Visit Go Here Do This Travel to book the trips discussed on Great Day Houston or any other destination for that matter! If you are interested in the pricing of your dream vacation – quotes are always free.

Let’s Go!

Great Day Houston

Thursday Happy Hour at Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Before you start group texting your pals about Happy Hour at your same old – same old spot, why not spunk it up a bit and head to the Museum of Fine Arts?! A little culture won’t kill you, I promise. Museum entry and parking are FREE. There’s a food truck and DJ on hand and the Museum extends its hours until 9pm.

MFAH Food Truck

My gal pals and I went a couple of weeks ago, had a blast and especially liked the photography exhibit. There were lots of other young people too, so if you were worried about partying with the old peeps- don’t worry there were lots of “our kind” there!


pARTy on!!


First Saturday Arts Market, Houston Heights

Jazz up your Saturday morning routine by visting the outdoor arts market located in the Historic Houston Heights. Peruse through paintings, try on eclectic jewelry, and delight your senses in homemade soaps, all while listening to live music!

First Saturday Arts Market

And if you start to get cranky because you skipped brunch, there are food trucks on hand and even a cute little cafe called Table 19 nearby to grab a little nibble.


Table 19

This arts market has been open year round on the first Saturday of every month since 2004 at 548 West 19th Street. From September to May, hours are 11am to 6pm and from June to August, hours are 6pm-10pm.

First Saturday Arts Market Artist


Get Cultured! Let’s GO!

Nasir, South Sudan

You might have caught that South Sudan has been in the news lately. And it breaks my heart. South Sudan, the world’s newest country, has been experiencing fighting between the two major tribes, leaving thousands dead and thousands more displaced from their homes. It is reported that the conflict began due to an attempted coup takeover in the capital city of Juba. While it’s hard for me to fully grasp and understand why this is happening, I ask that you join me in praying for this land and restoration of peace.

It was last month that I returned from Nasir, South Sudan on a mission trip with an organization called Every Village. Praise God that the long term missionaries that we partnered with are safely in Uganda!

My time in South Sudan was unreal and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have gone.

Allow me to set the scene for you…Nasir is hot, so hot that the ground beneath you cracks. Like 2 inch deep cracks. The landscape is flat and sprinkled with small mud huts that people call home. Flies everywhere. Swarms of them. It’s simple- no running water, no flushing toilets, no electric stoves, no microwaves, no air conditioning. But it’s ABSOLUTELY beautiful. The sunsets are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The sounds of drums echo across the land. The children run up to greet you with big, bright white smiles and yell out the only English words they know “HOW ARE YOU?!” and when asked how they are they respond with “I AM FINE. HOW ARE YOU?!” And then the cycle begins again…what sweet, precious, half-clothed children!

Some things God showed me on this trip:

1. Water changes everything. Our team got to go visit two new water wells nearby and pray over them. One of the water wells was the ONLY water well in this village and before it was built, the village people were forced to drink out of the dirty brown, muddy river. They were truly thankful. Check out Every Village to learn more about what they are doing in South Sudan as it relates to water, radio that broadcasts the gospel in the South Sudanese tribal language, and mission trips.

2. Making a difference in people’s lives through personal development. I was reading the booked called When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor…And Yourself, while I was in Africa and was really challenged by it. I 100% recommend it! The authors show the benefit of long-term relationships with those in poverty vs. throwing money to try to “fix” the poor by giving them material goods. We are all poor and broken in some way and can learn from one another. I saw this concept displayed in the long-term Every Village missionaries. They are in eight hours of languages classes every day so that they can build meaningful relationships with the Nuer people and share the love of God with them. I was so humbled by how they sacrifice so much of their comfort to truly change lives.

3. God goes before us. This was a promise that God reminded me of multiple times on the trip. ”The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” -Deuteronomy 31:8 So often I go into planner mode, thinking I have to have everything figured out to take the next step. WRONG. God’s got it. :)

I would not have been able to go on this trip if it weren’t for the prayers and financial support from family and friends. So thank you. You know who you are! Blessed to have each one of you in my life!


Monday Morning Bagel Run


This is one of Houston’s best kept secrets! Except it’s not supposed to be a secret- everyone one is welcome, all running levels- from marathoners to people training for their first ever 5k!

Luke's Locker

Every Monday morning Luke’s Locker hosts the Bagel Run. And it rocks! Burn off those extra calories you had fun consuming over the weekend and get your week off to a running start!

Runners meet at the Luke’s Locker located on West Gray at 5:30am. You sign in, drop off your car keys, and set out for a quick 30 min run. They change up the route so you don’t get bored. Simply run as far as you can for 15 min and then turn around and head back the way you came, finishing up at the store. Jorge, the store manager, leads the pack at rocket pace but you can take it however fast or slow as you want. I usually end up running by myself but there are people around so I always feel safe! After you return to the store you can squeeze in a killer abs workout lead by John or…

you can make a beeline for the fresh Einstein Bros Bagels and coffee! It wouldn’t be a bagel run without bagels now would it?  And did I mention that after you clock in 10 runs you get a free Dri Fit?! I know, almost too good to be true. And to be a part of this running club- it’s completely free! Gosh, I love Luke’s Locker!

Bagel Run

As an added bonus, if you participate in the Bagel Run that morning you get 10% off your purchases that day at the store. If the bagels don’t tempt you, then the super cute workout gear totally will. On my weaker days I have to leave the credit card at home or close my eyes as I pass the Nike section.

I hate running outdoors by myself for safety reasons and the treadmill is painfully boring- the Bagel Run at Luke’s Locker is the solution! Come give it a try! Not a morning person? Check out their Tuesday night group run and Saturday morning yoga!

Happy Running & Happy Adventuring!

Let’s GO!


Round Top, Texas

Looking to add some pizzaz to your place, find some fun fall decorations, a unique piece of jewelry or maybe just simply get out of Houston’s concrete jungle…then head to  Round Top this weekend for their twice yearly shopping extravaganza! If you can’t make it this weekend, the Spring show will be held Saturday March 22nd to Sunday April 6th.

Round Top, Texas

Round Top

Round Top is the name of a town, but it’s also the way people describe the whole shopping experience of Antique Weekend. Round Top is west of Brenham and approximately an hour and a half from Houston.  There are several must-see stops sprinkled along Highway 237. My favorites are Blue Hills (free admission) and Marburger Farms ($10 admission). And trust me you’ll never feel like you have enough time to see it all/ shop it all. The Big Red Barn is also a popular place to stop; admission is $10 here too!

Big Red Barn Want your home to have the pricey look found at Restoration Hardware? Newsflash - there is an entire booth chock full of Restoration inspired pieces for GREAT prices!

There are several bed and breakfasts you can stay at or cute homes to rent like the Vintage Round Top if you want to make a weekend trip out of it. If you’re absolutely loving the design elements of this house- they also have their own booth where you can purchase similar decor and furniture! the Vintage Round Top

My mom and I journeyed to Round Top for the day on Thursday and seriously scored!! I got an adorable side table, an arrangement, and bracelet. What I love about purchases from Round Top is that they usually have a cool story behind it. Take my bracelet…the design is influenced by the railroads located in Marfa, Texas.

Giles & Brother

With all that shopping, you’re definitely going to work up an appetite. Feast on a famous chop beef sandwich from the Methodist Men’s Barbecue at the Blue Hills Show and then treat yourself to some fresh kettle corn or a piece of pie from the renown Royer’s Cafe. Shopping is great cardio- you earned it :)

 Royers Cafe

Here’s how to do Round Top like a champ…

  • Wear closed toed shoes- it gets really dusty and if it’s rained recently you could be tromping through mud
  • Side pack purses are great. It frees up your hands to check out awesome finds
  • You can negotiate – and bring cash/check. Your negotiating is more effective when they don’t have to pay the credit card processing fee
  • Bring water
  • Leave your husband, boyfriend, or guy you want to be your boyfriend at home…unless he just loves home decor
  • Take an SUV or truck there to haul things home. If you have a compact car don’t fret. There are plenty of delivery services available for an extra fee.

Happy Adventuring!

Let’s GO!

Lonestar Triathlon, Galveston Texas

Last weekend my friends and I successfully completed the Lonestar Triathlon. PSYCH – As much as it KILLS me to admit this…we’re bi-athletes. UGH! I take pride in making sure my nails are perfectly pink and girly before events like this for a reason. I’m NOT saying girls who do triathlons are masculine, it’s just hard to feel cute in these outfits. Can you say “body conturing spandex”? Yikesss


Anyways..After torrential downpours and flooding in Galveston, TX, race officials in all their wisdom decided that the bay was not safe to swim – debris (yuk) and white caps filled the bay. We only got to do the bike & run portion, but we still got the finisher’s dri fit and medal to show for it. BOO-YAH!

I was laughing at how ridiculous we all looked in our goofy cat tanks and tie dye compared to the hardcore triathletes, until I turned the corner on the bike route and faced 20+ mph headwinds…but then started laughing again because Kim and Brooke were riding on straight up cruiser bikes. HA! I was thanking the good Lord I had a road bike. Sucks for them :)

I highly recommend training for a triathlon. It made for fun Saturday morning workouts with friends and a great way to switch up your normal cardio routine. The people at Luke’s Locker were super helpful in finding the right gear. I got a Zoot top and shorts that you can swim, bike and run in, which makes for speedy transitions. I loved that my outfit was pink and black! Pink = girly and Black = ultra sliming. Look good, feel good, race good! And we all tied for first place! Say what?!

Lonestar Tri

Another fun fact about triathlons is that along with putting your bib number on your arm, they also put your age on your calf…so I won’t name names, but BROOKE had fun scoping out the tri guys in her desired aged range. “Hi boyysss!!”

Lonestar Tri

Looks like we’ll have to TRI again next year –  but definitely worth it and definitely a TON of fun! Thanks for the memories Britt, Mal, Brooke, Sarah & Kim! You crazy girls rock!

Lonestar TriHappy Adventuring!

Let’s GO!

Houston Critical Mass

Air up those bike tires, strap on your helmet, and join 300+ other bikers as they storm the streets of Houston with a common passion of bike riding! Critical Mass occurs in Houston the last Friday of every month and meets at Market Square Park (301 Milam) downtown. People begin congregating around 6:30pm, but the crew doesn’t roll out until 7:15. You can count on a quirky, fun adventure! It’s one of my personal faves! Every Houstonian needs to experience this at least once. IT’S AWESOME! Have I mentioned lately how much I love Houston? It’s the best city EVER! And it’s events like this that play a big part in fueling my love for this great city!

Critical Mass


Critical Mass

If you want to make your experience even better, make a killer playlist and bring a portable audio player like a Turtlebox. You’ll instantly be the most popular person there! TURN IT UP!


The 20-30 mile bike route is unknown and is different each month. I dragged my new roommate Lauren along and, with her being new to the city, it was a great way of showing her how awesome Houston is. She loved it! This particular route went through the Heights, Museum District, EaDo, and some areas I had no idea even existed.

Critical Info for Critical Mass – Make sure you pack something to drink a long the way. They normally make one break stop- but everyone swarms the selected grocery store and wipes out all of the cold beverages!

Don’t have plans for this Friday? Now you do!

Critical Mass

Critical Mass

Happy Adventuring!

Let’s GO!

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